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As the most trusted Home Health Agency in Columbus, A-1 Nursing Care, Inc. is fueled by its commitment to its patients. At A-1 Nursing Care, Inc., we stand behind our values and are always looking to hire motivated individuals to join our team. Click the button below to join our growing team today!

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Most of our RNs work in a case management role, where they open and then perform oversight to our clients and their overall care plan. This ranges from evaluating the client and processing paperwork in order to get a client started with care, to performing supervisory visits and following up on the client’s care plan. Our RNs also have the ability to work shifts with clients, providing care for Trachs, Vents, G-Tubes and IV treatments. Should an RN be interested in working short term staffing assignments they also have the ability to work with local nursing homes, with corrections and other various staffing assignments.

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A Wide Range of Opportunities

Our LPNs are important to the daily care of our clients. LPNs that work with us are able to work in a number of roles. Positions range from skilled nursing visits where they are making sure that the clients are managing their medicine or wounds are properly cared for; to shift work, where the nurse works a specified number of hours providing care for clients’ with Trachs, Vents, G-Tubes, etc. Our LPNs are also provided with the opportunity to work in local nursing homes, with corrections and other short term staffing assignment



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Our HHAs and STNAs help to support our clients so they can stay their own house for as long as possible. Assisting with everything from basic daily living activities to general housekeeping and errand management, our HHAs and STNAs hold an important role. Hours vary based on each client and can range from 2 hour to 12 hour shifts.



Make a Difference!

Our DDSAs hold a very important role in helping our young clients achieve a full life. Working with clients that have various forms of developmental disabilities, the DDSA helps to bring support to both the client and their families. Assisting in activities from socialization to teaching about basic daily living skills, our DDSAs continues to assist with the client’s Individual Service Plan (ISP). While most hours are either prior to or after traditional school schedules and on the weekends there is flexibility in scheduling.

Eager to join our team and make an impact in patients’ lives? Get in touch with us today and inquire more about our wide range of opportunities.

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